History of the Sixth Maryland Regiment Reenactors The 6th Maryland Regiment was established in November of 1991.  At that time many of the members had been previously associated with the 3rd Maryland Regiment.   Today, a few of our original members are still active in the unit and through the years they have been joined by many new members.  In 2011, the 6th Maryland Regiment celebrated a 20th Anniversary and in its establishment, the regiment still seeks to continue a respected tradition of period accuracy.   Welcome  The members of the 6th Maryland Regiment and Cecil County Militia are living history re-enactors whom seek to portray accurately, military and early American life, through our participation in historical military reenactments, encampments and garrison weekends.  The primary purpose of the 6th Maryland Regiment is the ongoing education of its members and the public as to the history and culture of the American Revolution. Contact: Sixth Maryland Regiment and Cecil County Militia 1475 Augustine Herman Hwy Elkton, Maryland  21921 Linda W. Parrish, Secretary (410) 885-2652 Email: linda.parrish@ncs.k12.de.us George J. Jones, Commander Email: gjj1777@gmail.com
© Sixth Maryland Regiment 2012 6th Maryland Regiment, Encampment, Jerusalem Mill, Maryland,  2006 Annual Chestertown Tea Party Festival Each year the Cecil County Militia march in the parade and re-enact in the Tea Party event at Chestertown, Maryland.   This is annual festival held over the Memorial Day weekend. The Tea Party re-enactment is a living history program that portrays the actual events that occured there at the port on the Chester River during the same time that the famous “Boston Tea” party happened in Massachusett’s. Made with Xara